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How to preside over the bankruptcy of a country and yet win the Presidential election

February 23, 2010

Corruption in Sri Lanka- No one is surprised!


• Hedging Deal – Petroleum Chairman – Asantha De Mel – Exam passed ‐ None– Cricketer‐ Shiranthi’s relation – losses to Sri Lanka Rs. 230 Billion ( Rs. 230,000 Million) Chairman lost his job by virtue of a supreme Court order. The S.C. order to sell petrol at Rs.100 not complied yet (current price of a Petrol liter is Rs 130/‐).

 • Loss on National Carrier Air Lanka for 2007‐2008Rs. 10,000 Million (10 Billion) – Chairman Nishantha Wicremasinghe (Shiranth Rajapaksha’s Brother) – Exam Passed GCE O/L

• Loss on Mihin Air for 2007‐2008 Rs. 4,000 Million (4 Billion) – Chief Executive Mahinda’s Sajin Vas Gunawardena – Exam passed GCE O/L

 • New 2008 Budget allocation for Mihin Air Rs. 1,000 Million (1 Billion)

• Air port project Weerawila cancelled. Initial cost on feasibility study Rs 500 Million.

• Mig Deal – through “King’s cousin” Udayanga Weeratunga (Exam passed – GCE O/L Sri Lankan Ambassador – Russia ‐ purchase of 4 Mig fighters which were not air worthy from Belimissa holdings at a price Rs. 400 Million more than the last published price.

• All defense purchases through Lanka Logistics ‐ Chief Executive Officer Jayantha Wicremasinghe – Exam passed GCE O/L– Mahinda’s Sister Gandhini’s Brother in Law the owner of ‘Akuressa Palace’ (also Chairman Bank of Ceylon Gamini Wicremasinghe’s Brother.)

• VAT Scam – Loss to the Country Rs. 35,000 Million. (Rs. 35 Billion) Inland Revenue Department – Minister of Finance – Mahinda Rajapaksha

• Hanbantota Man made Safari Park to be created at a cost of Rs. 16,000 Million (1.6 Billion) This makes no sense as the Natural Safari Park is next door in Yala.

• Kerawalapitiya power plant cost US $ 400 Million. Actual cost US $ 200 Million. Planned for 300 Mega Watts built for 200 mega watts.

• Kerawalapitiya power plant. (Additional Losses) Cost per day to CEB Rs 70 million. Per year Rs 25, 550 Million (25.5 Billion) Initial agreed purchasing price per unit Rs 18. Current purchasing price Rs 40/‐ Loss to the CEB from a unit Rs 22/‐

• Uma Oya Project.‐ projected value US$ 265 Million enhanced value US $ 545 Million. Increase of US$ 280 Million. Rs. 28 Billion ( Rs. 28,000 Million). Two reservoirs that are built have an extent of only 50 acres. Victoria project has an extent of 7,500 acres. Minister–Chamal Rajapaksha – President’s brother

 • Cabinet of Ministers have approved purchase of 35 Gantry Cranes at a price US $ 600,000 higher than the last purchase price. This purchase has not been effected yet. (Minister in Charge; Chamal Rajapaksa‐ President’s brother)

• Contract signed with Dilhan Wicremasinghe Shiranthi’s brother’s son (Chairman Air Lanka) to supply branded computers to all divisional Secretariats at a cost of US $ 16 Million (price per computer Rs. 150,000/=). He supplied all unbranded computers which are available at unity plaza at Rs. 50,000/=. Amount robbed Rs. 1,200 Million ROBBED AND WASTED AMOUNT SUMMARY

 • Hedging deal Robbed and wasted amount Rs. 230,000 M 230 B

• Air Lanka Wasted and robbed amount Rs. 10,000 M 10 B

• Mihin Air Wasted and robbed amount Rs. 5,000 M 5 B

• Mig Deal Robbed amount Rs 4,00M 0.4 B

• Weerawila Air Port Wasted amount Rs 500M 0.5 B

• VAT Scam Robbed amount Rs. 35,000 M 35 B

• Safari Park Wasted amount Rs. 16,000 M 16 B

•Kerawalapitiya Robbed amount Rs. 23,000 M 23 B

• Uma Oya project Robbed amount Rs. 28,000 M 28 B

• Computers for divisional Robbed amount Rs. 1,200 M 1.2 B

 • Purchase of Gantry Cranes total amount robbed Rs. 24,150 M 24 B

• Fly Over contracts Total amount robbed Rs. 3,500 M 3.5 B

• Kerawalapitiya (Additional Losses) Robbed amount Rs 25,550M 25.5B

• Road Development in North amount robbed Rs. 28,000 M 28 B Rs. 430,300 M 430.3 B

Remember that Gigantic Mahaweli Project with the construction of Victoria,Kothmale, Randenigala, Rantambe, and Maduru oya cost the Nation only Rs. 50,000 Million (50 Billion) when the US $ was equivalent to Rs. 35.


  • To increase the monthly salary of all the government servants for one year Rs. 126 Billion. 
  • To pay the deposits of Golden Key depositors‐ Rs. 26 Billion. 
  • To pay the money of depositors of Sakvithi scam‐ Rs. 4 Billion. 
  • To pay the money of depositors of the other financial institutions Rs 10 Billion.
  • To double the pension of the pensioners Rs. 3 Billion.
  • To pay increased interests for government servants who have deposited their terminal benefits and are dependent on the interest‐ Rs. 10 Billion
  • To reduce Milk powder price for 1 year by 50% ‐ Rs. 10 Billion
  • To re‐introduce the school uniform to all children – Rs. 5 Billion.
  • To give electricity free to all places of worship‐ Rs. 1 Billion
  • To give a living allowance to all 100,000 who have lost jobs in the garment industry, and to all 500,000 who are expecting jobs, Rs. 36 Billion.
  • The number of Samurdhi grantees are 1427,322. To give Rs.2000 to each family per month, the cost is Rs.2850 million. The cost for one year is Rs. 34.2 Billion.
  • To give fertilizers to all farmers on a subsidiary rate Rs 10 Billion
  • To give fertilizers to all small tea cultivators on a subsidiary rate Rs 2 Billion TOTAL AMOUNT Rs 290.2 Billion Balance Amount Rs 140.1 Billion