Sri Lankan War – A new phase

It looks like Sri Lankans are again going to squander the hard won peace and the opportunity to find a lasting solution to their political problem after winning the war with the LTTE. The new internal squabbling between President Mahinda Rajapakse and the ex-military top gun Sarath Fonseka will end up in tears yet again for the minority Tamil community. It strikes me, that the world has moved on and countries have come together for their collective economic prosperity in the global village, but the age old enmity between these two unfortunate communities in that beautiful island will not be put to rest. It is my fervent hope, that President Rajapakse will use all that credibility he has with the majority Sinhala community by winning the war wisely and find a lasting peace for the troubled island. That will be his lasting legacy. It also strikes me, that the Sri Lankans need peace, prosperity and good government.


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